Here is the latest excerpt from the club’s first minute book which has now moved from 1928 in to 1929:

Meeting held on 25 March 1929

The result of the Spartan League game played on 23 March was Hitchin 5-1 Walthamstow Avenue scorers Bullard 2, Tasker 2 and Barker. Gate receipts were £23 10s 1d, match cards £2 11s 2d and ball fund £2 11s.

Mr Wooding reported that he had arranged a friendly at home to Wood Green on Easter Monday afternoon. We were to pay them one third of the gate with a minimum of £10.

It was agreed that we provisionally withdraw from the Beds League and make provisional application to enter a reserve team in the second division of the Spartan League.

It was agreed that the secretary make provisional arrangements with the Town Band to play the team down to Hobleys Tea Rooms after the Charity Shield Final and to obtain an open conveyance for them and that all committee members attend the tea and pay their own expenses.

Meeting held on 8 April

It was agreed that the secretary write to messrs Rigg and Remington for a copy of account of the extras relating to the stand.

The Herts Charity Shield final played on 30 March resulted in Hitchin beating Letchworth 5-3 scorers Tasker 2, Bullard 2 and Evans. Gate receipts were £46 8s 6d, ball fund £4 15s 1dand match cards £3 2s 10d.

In the Beds League there was a 7-0 defeat at Kempston on 30 March and a 2-1 victory over Letchworth on Easter Monday morning scorers H Muncey and J Muncey. Gate receipts were £10 19s 2d and match cards 19s3d.

The friendly game with Wood Green resulted in a 1-1 draw on Easter Monday afternoon scorer Saggers. The gate receipts were £33 11s 1d with Wood Green receiving £10 0s 10d.

The secretary reported that he had repaid out of his own pocket 2s 6d to replace a half crown that had been returned by the bank. The committee agreed he should be reimbursed.

Meeting held on 15 April

The result of the Spartan League game on 10 April was Ministry of Health 1-3 Hitchin scorers Cheshire Furr and West. The Spartan League game on 13 April finished Hitchin 6-6 Walthamstow Avenue scorers Barker 3, Burgess 2 and J Muncey.

The Beds League game on 13 April saw a 5-1 victory over Bletchley scorers French 2, West, Hanscombe and Bullard. Gate receipts were £6 16s 4d, ball fund 19s and match cards 16s 8d.

An application was made on behalf of the North Herts Athletics Club for hire of the ground for training purposes on Tuesday and Thursday. It was agreed they have use of the ground subject to a payment of 3s 6d per week.

Meeting held on 22 April

The Spartan league game on 17 April resulted in a 5-2 victory over Polytechnic scorers Tasker 2, Thomson 2 and Webster. Gate receipts were £20 17s 4d. and match cards £1 13s 4d. The Spartan League game with Poplar Rovers on 20 April was a 5-1 victory scorers Womwell 2, Burges Tasker and Barker. Gate receipts were £29 1s 10d, match cards £2 10s 9d. and ball fund £4 2s 2d.

It was agreed the secretary write to Mr Asprey dispensing with his services.

It was agreed a photograph of both teams be taken together with the committee and officials be taken on Saturday 11 May and that afterward they all adjourn to Hobleys for teas. The secretary and chairman of the supporters Club were to be invited.

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