Meeting held on 29 April 1929

The result of the representative game played at Top Field on 27 April was Metropolitan Police 3-2 Halton R A F. Gate receipts were £25 2s 7d (2020 equivalent £1590.58), match cards £2 19s (£188.57) and ball fund £3 2s 2d (£196.75). In the Beds League Hitchin were beaten 2-0 by Luton Amateurs on 24 April. Gate receipts were £13 1s 3d and match cards were £1 4s 3d. On 27 April Hitchin beat Waterlows 3-2 in the Beds League with West scoring 2 goals. Gate receipts were£7 6s 5d and match cards 14s 10d.

After careful consideration into the claims and fitness of the football club committee a team was chosen to represent the club against the supporters club on 1 May. It was messrs Newell, Dennis, Worbey, M Foster, Grimes, Cannon, Duller, Sharp, F Foster, Allen, Lloyd and King. J Grimes would be referee and L Hart linesman.

Mr F Foster gave the committee a detailed account of the stand extras and stated that he had succeeded in getting a reduction of £1 7s d from the original account. He was thanked for the minute attention he had given to this matter.

It was decided that the dinner be held on Wednesday 15 May, the venue to be decided when numbers are ascertained.

Meeting held on 6 May

The result of the game between the main committee and the supporters club was a 3-2 win for the supporters.

The result of the Hitchin Hospital Cup final was a 5-1 victory against Shelvoke and Drury scorers Cherry,Trussell, Butterfield, Womwell and J Muncey. Gate receipts were £21 4s. match cards £2 1s 4d and ball fund £2 19s. A collection at the game raised £6 13s 1d for the hospital.

A friendly match at Ware saw a 5-1 defeat scorer Grimes. The secretary reported that in view of the team sent he had written asking Ware for £2 10s being hire of charabanc instead of the £5 guarantee agreed. The committee endorsed this action.

It was agreed a photo of the team and committee be taken on Saturday 11 May at 6.30pm to be followed by a dinner at Hobleys at 8.00pm.

The secretary read a letter from the A F A enclosing a cheque for £12 1s 4d being our share of the gate re the A F A Senior Cup semi-final between Cambridge Town and Northampton Nomads and inviting us to apply for affiliation to the A F A. It was agreed to apply for affiliation.

A letter was read from the Herts F A thanking us for our arrangements for the Hitchin Hospital Cup final and asking us for 3s 6d being insurance for the Hitchin Hospital Cup. It was agreed the secretary forward this amount.

Meeting held on 13 May

The secretary reported that the dinner was held at the Sun Hotel on 11 May as Hobleys were unable to cater.62 players and committee members attended.

It was reported that our reserve team had been elected to the second division of the Spartan League.

It was agreed the annual meeting be held on Monday 12 June.

Meeting held on 27 May

The secretary reported that he had received a communication from the North Herts League asking Hitchin to enter both the Hitchin and Letchworth Hospital Cups. A decision was held over until a later date.

A statement of account for the past season was produced by the financial secretary and it was considered satisfactory.

The representatives of the District Schools Association applied for an allowance towards cutting the running track. It was agreed a sum of £1 be allowed if the whole of the pitch is cut.

The annual meeting was to be held at the old town hall.

Meeting held on 10 June

It was resolved that a mower suitable for mowing the football pitch be purchased from T Brooker & Son for £7 10s less 15% discount.

The secretary reported we had been accepted as affiliated members of the A F A (Amateur Football Association) and it was resolved to enter the A F A Cup.

The business of the annual general meeting was considered and the secretary was instructed to order 250 ballot papers and 1,000 members nomination forms and that 750 appeal letters be ordered.

Minutes of the individual meetings have now come to an end. But at the back of the minute book there are minutes of the annual general meetings for 1929,1930,1931,1932 and 1933 so I will be providing extracts from these in the coming weeks.