1928/29 MINUTE BOOK – PART 14

The 1930 AGM

The AGM was held at the old Town Hall on Wednesday 25 June 1930.

Mr L Hart was in the chair and the minutes of the previous AGM were read, confirmed and signed by the chairman.

The secretary’s report of the 1929-30 season having been forwarded to each member was taken as read and it was unanimously resolved that it be approved and adopted.

The statement of accounts which had been duly audited were presented and were considered extremely satisfactory.

Mr Harry Cannon re-elected president. Mr J Walker was elected as secretary, Mr E Gibson as assistant secretary and Mr A Impey as financial secretary.

The various names of members duly proposed and seconded to act on the committee were read out. The election for the 20 places was conducted by ballot and the successful candidate were named.

The proposed addition to rule 15 ‘’and that the unsuccessful committee candidates of the previous AGM shall have first option of filling any such vacancy that may occur on the committee’’ was discussed and upon being put to the meeting was lost.

A resume of the season’s workings was given by the various officials and the prospects of the forthcoming season discussed and the meeting showed keen interest in all points raised.

The chairman and officials were all heartily congratulated and received the thanks of the meeting.

Roy Izzard