Here is the next instalment of excerpts from the club’s very first minute book—

Meeting on 25 September

The hon. secretary reported that he had received a request from the Stevenage Football Club requesting the transfer of S G Garner, goalkeeper of Hitchin Town FC . The transfer was agreed to (the first ever transfer!)

The teams selected for the games against Lea Bridge Gas and Bletchley were announced together with the club officials who would act as linesmen. Also the ‘’gatekeepers’’ appointed to act at the Lea Bridge game were announced as follows—Paybox Messrs Lloyd, Foster and Sharp. Top Gate Bedford Road Messrs Impey, Denniss and Newell and Fishponds Road gate Messrs Sharp, Foster and Mann.

Mr H King was cordially thanked for the services rendered to the club in conveying the team manager on more than one occasion to interview players. The Amateur Cup tie with Hoddesdon resulted in a 5-0 victory. The Beds League game with Luton Amateurs was lost 4-1.

Meeting on 3 October

The result of the game against Lea Bridge Gas was a 4-1 win with scorers being Davis 2, Stan Brown and Trussell. The result of the game with Bletchley was a 5-4 defeat with scorers being Muncey 2, Pateman and Hillyard. It was resolved that the hon. secretary write to the Beds and District League complaining of the inefficiency of the referee at the Bletchley game.

It was reported that Mr Jones had offered his wooden building with a view to it being utilised as covered accommodation for spectators. After discussion it was decided that the building would not be suitable as such and the committee decided not to take advantage of Mr Jones’ offer. It was reported that Mr McDonnell had thirteen seats which he offered to the club at £5. The committee decided not to do anything with the matter as seats were already provided for in the new stand.

Mr Impey gave a report of the Spartan League meeting regarding the case of J Croft a permit player who had unwittingly been played by the club as a bona-fide amateur. The result of the deliberations were that the Spartan League decided to take no action and while regretting the case they felt that all those concerned in the management of the Hitchin Town Football Club had acted in a straightforward manner and praised the club for the measures they had taken as soon as the matter came to their knowledge.

It was unanimously decided that a charge of threepence be made for stand seats on 6 October 1928.

The hon. secretary reported that the proceeds of the gate of the match versus Lea bridge Gas were £29 18s 6d, a record sum to date.

Meeting held on 9 October

The Amateur Cup game with Enfield was lost 3-1 and gate receipts were £49 3s 5d. The game with Waterlows was drawn 3-3 scorers being Hillyard, Stan Brown and Evans.

The hon. secretary reported that Messrs Rigg & Remington had written to him to the effect that should the club use the stand on the occasion of the Enfield match they would not hold themselves responsible for any damage which may occur. He replied that the club would not use the stand and advised that adequate protection be provided by Messrs Rigg & Remington to prevent trespass.

A letter was read from Messrs Rigg & Remington in which they asked for £350 for the value of materials on site and work done. It was resolved that subject to the architect’s certificate a cheque be drawn for the amount and arrangements be made for an overdraft at the Westminster Bank.

Meeting on 16 October

The result of the Spartan League game against Metropolitan Police at Thames Ditton was a 4-3 defeat. Scorers were Tasker 2 and Evans. The Beds League game at home to Bigglesawde was a 5-1 defeat with Davis the scorer.

A letter was read from Enfield acknowledging receipt of their share of the gate in the recent Amateur Cup tie but pointing out that groundsman’s charge should not have been included as an expense. It was resolved that the hon. treasurer acknowledge the letter regretting the charge made against the gate and that a postal order for 5 shillings be forwarded to Enfield FC.

Tenders for the supply of 22 duck boards each 15 feet long and 2 feet 6 inches wide were received from 10 different local companies. Messrs Palmer were chosen with their price of £13 4s.

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