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Executive meeting on 2 September

The selection of the team to play Cambridge Town in the league on 5 September was considered and the following team was chosen: Goal Faulkner, Backs Trussell, W Gatward, Half Backs E Bullard, Crawley, Roberts, Forwards J T Barker, A Pateman, Stan Brown, Davis, Thompson, W Barker. It was resolved that 750 match cards be printed for the game with Cambridge.

It was reported that A V Duller would with the permission of the club provide two seats for the accommodation of the lady visitors from Cambridge. It was decided this permission be given and that the secretary try and obtain the loan of a few seats to be reserved for ladies.

Meeting on 4 September

The friendly game away to Cambridge on Thursday 30 August resulted as follows—Cambridge Town 3-2 Hitchin Town. A vote of thanks was passed to Capt. E W Asprey and Mr M Foster for the use of their cars to enable players to attend the match.

The Spartan League game away against Finchley Reserves saw Hitchin win 2-1. It was unanimously resolved that the secretary write to the Finchley club expressing their appreciation of the manner in which the Hitchin team were received and entertained.

The members of the football team through the team manager expressed their appreciation to the club for the comfort in which they were conveyed to Finchley.

Capt. Asprey gave a report on the progress of the stand.

It was reported that P Dennis and W Stevens, playing members of the club had met with injuries incapacitating them from work, and the secretary was instructed to convey to them the club’s sympathy and express the hope of a speedy recovery. A lengthy discussion as to the players’ position in regard to hospital treatment was heard and it was resolved the secretary interview the secretary of the Workers Fund.

Meeting on 11 September

The result of the game against Cambridge Town played at Hitchin on Wednesday 5 September was a 5-1 defeat. Gate receipts were £27 17s 6d. The result of the Spartan League game on Saturday 8 September was Hitchin 4-2 Ware. Gate receipts were £28 11s 9d. The Beds League game at Baldock on 15 September resulted in a 3-1 loss.

It was resolved that a letter of thanks be forwarded to the referee Mr W Parsons for his services on the occasion of the match with Cambridge Town. Mr T Wooding reported that he had attended the Spartan League meeting in London as the club’s representative. He was warmly thanked for attending the meeting and for his lucid report.

Capt. Asprey reported that he had seen a representative of the Gas Company and he thought he had a practical scheme for the provision of shower baths in the dressing rooms. He also gave the committee a lengthy report relative to the donation allocated by the British Legion towards the funds of Hitchin Town Football Club. He said it was a subscription from the funds received from the British Legion tea room that had materially benefitted by the result of increased trade due to football matches.

Mr T Wooding gave notice that at the next meeting he would move that to facilitate the smooth workings of the club that a team secretary and match secretary be appointed with the team secretary to work in conjunction with the team manager and one member of the committee on the question of filling vacancies in the team which may arrive after selection.

Meeting on 18 September

The result of the match versus Polytechnic played at Chiswick was Polytechnic Reserves 2-6 Hitchin Town. Scorers were Davis 3, Grimes 2 and Barker. A friendly played at Hitchin versus Hitchin Grammar School resulted in a win for Hitchin by 10 goals to 5. Gate receipts were £3 4s 3d. The hon secretary reported that no admission was charged to Grammar School pupils and staff.

Capt Asprey submitted an estimate for the supply of geysers and gas lighting for the dressing rooms from the Hitchin & District Gas Company, the estimate being £41 18s 6d.

A report was received concerning Croft who assisted Hitchin in the games with Ware and Polytechnic despite being a permit man. It was unanimously resolved that the secretary communicate the full facts to the Spartan League without delay and await the League’s decision and that no player be admitted as a member of the team in future before his former club has been communicated with as to his ‘’bona fides’’ as a purely amateur player.

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