Here is the next instalment of excerpts from the club’s first minute book from 1928:

Meeting held on 22 October
The following results were recorded. In the Spartan League it was Ware 1-5 Hitchin (Womwell 4 and Evans) while in a friendly it was Hitchin 3-4 City Police (Davis 2 and Muncey)with gate receipts of £11 0s. 8d.

It was agreed the stand be insured for £750 from the date it is handed over from the contractors.

Mr A Impey reported he had attended a Football Commission regarding J Croft (see previous weeks’ excerpts). The outcome was Croft was suspended for one month and the Hitchin Town Football Club were exonerated from any blame.

It was resolved that for the match with RAF Henlow on Saturday the Cricketers public house be used as a dressing room and that the stand would not be used until finally handed over by the contractors.

As regards the completion of the stand the architect reported that it was hoped it would be finished by 3 November. Messrs M Foster, F Foster, H Cannon and C Worbey agreed to act as guarantors for the bank overdraft not exceeding £500.

Meeting held on 30 October
The secretary reported that the guarantors had all signed the necessary documents relative to the overdraft and the overdraft would be in operation in a day or two.

The Beds League game result was Hitchin 3-8 RAF Henlow (Muncey, Davis and Brown). Gate receipts were £12 8s 6d.

Mr Wooding reported that he had arranged a friendly with Tufnell Park Strollers X1 for 22 November and with Watford Old Boys for Christmas Day morning. Tufnell Park required payment of their fares and teas while Watford wanted a £5 guarantee and ‘’half cost of their conveyance’’.

Mr A Impey reported that he was satisfied the stand would be ready for 3 November.

A letter was read from the secretary of the Hitchin Blue Cross Brigade Cricket Club asking if they could hire the ground for the cricket season and upon what terms. It was agreed Hitchin Blue Cross be allowed use of the ground for the cricket season for £10.

It was resolved 8 bowls be bought for the dressing rooms.

Meeting held on 6 November
The secretary reported that 9 bowls had been purchased instead of 8 one being for use of the referee.

An application from the secretary of the E Division of the Herts County Police for use of the ground for a police charity match was granted subject to the club’s groundsman being employed to look after the club’s property.

The result of the Spartan League game on 3 November was Hitchin 8-1 Ministry of Health ( Womwell 3, Evans 3, Burgess and Barker). Gate receipts were £27 8s 10d, ball tickets made a profit of £3 14s 8d while sales of match cards were £2 18s 4d.

Team selections for coming games were announced while it was resolved that messrs Dennis, Worbey and Foster speak to the team on Saturday on the advantage of ‘’getting rid of the ball’’.

It was agreed future committee meetings be held on Mondays rather than Tuesdays.

It was agreed that players’ wives be admitted to matches free.

It was agreed that a gate be provided in Bedford Road at the back of the stand for the use of players and officials.

Meeting held on 13 November
The result of the Herts Charity Shield match against Stevenage played at Hitchin was a 4-2 win (Evans 2, Tasker and Davy). Gate receipts were £20 6s 4d, ball tickets £2 8s 4d and match cards £1 6s 10d. Match expenses were £3 8s 10d leaving a balance of £16 7s 6d and a cheque for this amount was drawn in favour of the Herts Football Association.

The chairman reported that an enthusiastic band of supporters had formed a Supporters Club.

A further letter was received from Hitchin Blue Cross Cricket Club saying they could not entertain the sum of £10 for use of the ground but instead offered £6. It was agreed to let the football ground for £6 to the Hitchin Blue Cross Cricket Club.

Mr Wooding gave a lucid report of the proceedings of the last Spartan league meeting emphasising the strict view taken of misconduct by players.

The secretary was empowered to order another 22 duckboards from Messrs H Palmer at the same price as previously.

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