Here is the latest excerpt from the club’s first minute book which has now moved from 1928 in to 1929:

Meeting held on 21 January
The result of the Herts Senior Cup tie played on 19 January was Letchworth Town 2-8 Hitchin Town scorers Evans 2, Womwell 3, Thomson and Tasker. The Beds League game at St Neots resulted in a 3-1 defeat scorer H Muncey.

The result of the representative match at Hitchin was RAF 2-1 Spartan League and gate receipts were £13 4s 3d.

A letter was read from messrs Rigg and Rimington asking for £170 being the balance the balance due on the cost of the erection of the stand and £18 15s 6d for extras. It was agreed to send a cheque for £170 and for the secretary to take up with Capt. Asprey the account for the extras.

Applications were made for grants from the Herts Benevolent Fund on behalf of P Crawley and Stan Brown.

Meeting held on 28 January
The secretary reported that £3 3s had been granted to P Crawley and £1 1s to Stan Brown from the Herts Benevolent Fund.

The result of the Spartan league game on 26 January was Hoddesdon 3-5 Hitchin scorers Barker 2, Tasker, Evan and Davey. In the Beds league there was a 2-2 draw with Metropolitan Police scorers Hanscombe and Dobbs. The gate receipts were£9 6s 5d. and the ball fund £1 7s 6d.

A letter was read from the Herts FA stating that Letchworth had lodged a protest at our having played A Faulkner in our Senior Cup tie with them. It was agreed the secretary and Mr Foster attend any enquiry that may be called in connection with the matter.

The secretary that he had received a cheque from Letchworth for £12 0s 9d being half share of the gate for the Herts Senior Cup game being£1 7s 9d plus 13s. travel expenses.

A letter was received from the Hitchin Town Supporters Club enclosing a cheque for £60. As a result of their first effort to assist the football club a special resolution of thanks was passed by the committee.

It was stated that Mr Blundell had a shed about 20 feet by 10 feet which could be procured for £20. It was agreed three committee members inspect the shed and report back to the committee.

Meeting held on 3 February
The result of the Spartan League with Finchley was a 7-0 victory scorers Barker 2, Womwell 2, Thomson, and Evans 2. The Beds League game at Stevenage was a 2-2 draw scorers Davis and Muncey.

The secretary reported that he had heard from the Herts FA that Letchworth had withdrawn their protest against Faulkner.

A letter was read from the North Herts Athletic Association asking for use of the ground on 2 June for the purposes of holding the County Athletic Championships. It was resolved that the secretary write back explaining the position of the club in regard to the cricket season and suggesting that they should communicate with the Blue Cross Cricket Club to see if the ground was vacant.

Mr Duller and Mr Foster had inspected Mr Blundell’s shed and in their opinion it was not suitable and the committee decided not to entertain the offer.

It was unanimously resolved that Stanley Brown ,player, be suspended sine die for his defections in not turning out when required and not giving adequate reasons for his neglect.

It was unanimously resolved that the players be insured against accidents for the remainder of the season for a premium of £11. The benefit to the players would be £1 2s 6d for 4 weeks and 11s 6d for 8 weeks with £250 in case of death and £100 for loss of limbs.

Meeting held on 11 February
The result of the Herts Charity Shield semi-final was Hitchin 8-0 Boreham Rovers scorers Womwell 3, Davey 2, Evans, Thomson and Tasker. Gate receipts were £23 13s 10d and match card receipts £2 9s 4d.

It was agreed we enter the Amateur Cup next season and apply for exemption from qualifying rounds.

The secretary read a letter from the Amateur Football Association re the playing of the semi-final of the AFA Senior Cup between Cambridge Town and Northampton Nomads or Broomfield on our ground. The committee expressed their views and thought it was an honour that they should wish to play the match at Hitchin and unanimously agreed that the ground be available for the semi-final.

It was agreed that a knee bandage be provided for R Trussell.

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