This week Brett gives his assessment of our performance at Chesham (from the comfort of the subs’ bench) and catches up with some ex-Canaries.


This week was very quiet.

Saturday saw us travel to play-off outsiders Chesham. This was a big test especially with how it has being going for us lately. Burkey went with Burnsy up top leaving myself and Connor to eat Jaffa cakes on the bench. Double-edged sword being sub as you are not running around and there are biscuits everywhere. I’ve warned Connor about this but he doesn’t listen!!!

Anyway Chesham are in good form and it’s a tough place to go. They do have some talented players in their side including Watkins and Pearce. They also have Dan Green who is workmanlike but falls over way too much and is always getting hurt. Top lad though but I would have liked the chance to kick him a bit myself!

The game itself was pretty much a non-event and I don’t remember either keeper making a save. But that’s something we haven’t been doing of late – shutting teams out. It was good to see a clean sheet. Sadly we aren’t anywhere near potent enough up the other end. But I have always said if you are not scoring and conceding too many you need to sort the back door out first.

Chesham reminded me of us last season – very workmanlike with a few sprinklings of stardust and hoping to nick games. In my opinion they will not make the play-offs.

So this week it was back to the training ground. Monday saw Parks in goal for one side in a training match. Let me tell you he isn’t half bad… for a fat lad! Then on Saturday we have Dorchester in the way before the league cup final.

It would be lovely to get some silverware. It doesn’t cover up all the cracks but it shows that we can win when we need to and that we have something to show for it. It is better than finishing 7th and 8 points outside the play-offs but never really looking like making them. Who finished 8th in the Premier League last season?? Who cares…. But you know who won the League Cup and the F.A Cup. This is how I see it anyway.

Short and sweet this week but a little mention to a couple of old boys I’ve spoken to this week. Both are vying for play-off places in their respective leagues.

Kane Smith and his Boreham Wood team are going well. Too many draws in his words but we did the same last season and were seconds away!! He’s loving life as a professional footballer, he looks in good shape and is back from injury for the run in. He fancies their chances and says he has the same feeling as last season. Let us hope it ends better for him this year. I asked him for some quotes however those that know Kane know this is one dense kid!!!!! Basically he sends his regards…..

Matt Lench, Tuesday night’s villain for Slough has given me a little interview. Being a public school boy with Tory ties it is hard to shut him up. I just asked for his thoughts on his play-off push and how he remembers his time at Hitchin. This was his response.
“I’m obviously hoping for a better outcome than last year, it’s not cut and dried yet but if we keep going we can push for a home draw in the play-offs.
My time at Hitchin in short —
The most enjoyable four years I will ever have from a sporting perspective and it had almost nothing to do with the football. There is a family atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home.
Hitchin was, and probably still is, a magnet for slightly off centre individuals. The club during my time managed to compile (I think by accident rather than intention) the strangest bunch of personalities that you could ever wish to meet, and through Parks’ tactical nous (head it and kick it) became a pretty decent team.
My final game for Hitchin says everything about the club. The play-off final; 1-0 up for the entirety of the game until a clown we call Camel gave away a penalty and got sent off. We lost the game and were devastated for 10 minutes. We then got on the coach, drank loads of beer and sang songs all the way home.
Great club because of its people.”

Finally on old boys, nice to see Sammy Barker at the Chesham game. He’s got the same haircut as me now…..when he left he was receding more than Lewis Rolfe!! I smell a rat!!

Cheers all,