I asked Brett to do a review of the season for his last blog and as a bonus he has included his own awards ceremony!

Many thanks to Brett for producing such entertaining blogs for us all to enjoy. He gives up a lot of time to prepare them and I know from your feedback just how popular they are. I have enjoyed editing them making sure the they stay the right side of the line as far as upsetting anyone is concerned and next season I intend to teach Brett about capital letters, punctuation etc!!

Roy Izzard

So the sun sets on yet another season. It was a tough finish with us playing 4 of the top 5 with a squad down to the bare bones!!

With the over achievement in the last few seasons this one was harder to take. However we made 2 cup finals and have some silverware from the league cup final we won to go with a top half finish. That’s a lot more than most local sides at our level achieved. Solid if unspectacular.

The season started with the optimism they all do. The play-off final loss now a distant memory, we travelled to Merthyr to start the campaign. The omens were there early on. We had numerous players unavailable for differing reasons but as usual we scrapped out there for a point. However our start was poor and realistically we had given ourselves a mountain to climb if we wanted to make the play-offs. Early exits from both the FA Cup and FA Trophy just added a bit more misery to proceedings. Brother Callum & Brooksy departed in September/October time and this coincided with a good run up to mid-December when we put ourselves just outside the play-offs. However once we hit 2018 we nose-dived dramatically and couldn’t buy a goal let alone a win!

It was eggs in the basket time. The league cup was there to be won and Burkey started to prioritise this, something fans will tell you he never really had before. Our league form was patchy still but we made it to the league cup final. The weather meant it kept getting postponed as did other games and all of a sudden there was a fixture pile up. The last month was tough going. Game after game, with not much to play for. However if you want to come back next season you can’t just give up. I hate players that have no pride and passion. If you are poor but try hard then that’s all you can do. But if you’re a good player but just can’t be bothered then I’m sorry you aren’t for me!!!

We managed to get the cup win. But the last few games have been tough to play in and watch. We haven’t looked like scoring and with 10-12 players out some of us have had to pick up new roles.

Against Hereford myself and Burnsy went into the back line. I was back there on Saturday from the start. I can honestly say I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. The concentrating part is the hardest thing to worry about. Made harder by the fact the lad up top for Weymouth is as good as they come at our level. Two 3-0 defeats to finish the season looks bad, but Hereford are the best side I have played at this level and Saturday with just 12 fit players we did brilliantly for 60 minutes. Thanks to Egghead (Josh Bickerstaff) for talking me through the game. Couldn’t have done it without you!!!! Last word on Saturday, to all those that made the effort to get down to Weymouth & I think it must have been nearly 100, I and all the players can’t thank you enough. Your support was as good as I have heard. In the bar after it was brilliant. Thank you all.

So from my personal point of view it was a disappointing season. But that’s based on losing in the playoffs 2 years on the spin. Realistically the top 6/7 we can’t match in terms of budget so they should be up there. Some fans don’t realise what a club like Hitchin is up against. I enjoyed playing again though and sadly for some of you I feel I can probably do another year at this level. Injuries crop up more at my age but I still have something to offer, just not the 30 goals the fans want! But Burkey has promised he will get the 30 goals a season man that the majority are crying out for. Not sure where he is but let us hope he finds his way to Top field!!

I’m gonna do my own little end of season awards here, but remember it is just my own take.

Goal of the season
Macca home to Redditch. 30 yard lob to win us the game. The last thing he did right!!

Best performance
Away to Frome, first half we were brilliant.

Worst performance
Home to Biggleswade – appalling from everyone.

Baby of the year
Award for throwing toys out the pram the most
1. Jonny Mac
2. The camel (Lewis Rolfe)
3. Terry ( Trey Charles)
4. Parks ( Adam Parker)
Winner is Parks, loves a cry about everything

The sicknote of the year
For the bloke always on the treatment table
1. Greeny
2. Me
3. Crystal ( Kieran McCaffrey)
4. Malfoy (Jay Dowie)
Winner = has to be Crystal, turns up every now and then for a rub but I bet half the fans don’t even know who he is!!

The Frank Bruno award for worst fight
The award for training ground bust ups
1. Lucas v Macca
2. Terry v Macca
3. Paddy ( Patrick Tshikala) v Macca
Winner = Lucas v Macca. Two dwarves swinging and missing. Everyone else sitting back and laughing. Macca seems to upset everyone!

The Nicest Bloke you’ll meet award
As it reads!
1. Aussie Bruce (Kevin Byrne)
2. Toby
3. Malfoy
Winner = Malfoy. You can literally say or do anything to this lad and he agrees with you or lets it go. What a decent bloke.

The “won’t be contacted by Mensa” award
For those less fortunate than us
1. Toby
2. Charlie
3. Malfoy
4. Greeny
Winner = sorry Chaz, the fact the you still can’t deal a hand of cards out after 10 months of playing on the bus still irritates me!!! And you are one stupid lad!!

Fan of the year
As chosen by me, so sorry Jackie you are out of the running!!!
1. Flag Brigade – Moony, always sees the worst, Martyn, never shuts up thank Christ for Pete!
2. Rucksack – no more devoted fan than him.
3. Beer Monsters – rain or shine, thick and thin they are there.
4. Behind the dugout lot – drunks basically who give me stick.
Winner = Rucksack. Get better mate

Lastly, the award for saying it how it is. Even when you shouldn’t
For those who show a little too much honesty in their opinions!
1. Me
2. Camel
3. Del boy (Kit man Derek Barker)
Winner = Del Boy. never known a bloke to say something he shouldn’t and then walk off without a care in the world.

On behalf of the players I would like to thank all the fans whose support is highly appreciated. The committee and those who do all the unseen stuff. Len for constantly telling me that I am crap. To Connor & Sam (when she shows up) thanks for patching me up every week. To Del & Nick for all you do for the boys. We don’t show our appreciation enough but believe me we all do appreciate what you do. Lastly to Burkey & Parks– victims of their own success this season but top management team and more importantly proper stand up guys. Those that move on will find out you have been lucky to be playing under blokes like them. Shame we couldn’t do more for them this season.

So that’s it, hope you enjoyed these ramblings. I have enjoyed doing them. Lets see what happens next season.

Onwards and upwards