I am really pleased to say Brett’s Blog is back! When he was previously with us his blog was really popular and essential reading. He is now a coach and is mindful of what he can say but will always tell it like it is with his unique sense of humour always shining through.

I am hopeful Brett will produce at least one blog each month and many thanks to Brett for giving up his time to entertain us. Following his playing comeback at Wisbech, here’s the first article…


So since I’ve been back Roy has asked if I could start my blog up again. It’s something I enjoyed doing previously but now I’m in a different position I probably need to be a little less harsh in my criticism and not as high in singing praises of individuals. Footballers at all levels these days are very sensitive, and you do have to handle them with care. I agreed I would do a blog after we won a game. I didn’t realise I would be involved playing wise just as I didn’t expect Tuesday to happen.

Firstly it’s lovely to be back. The club is the one that holds my dearest footballing memories. The difficult season Hitchin had last year wasn’t nice to see. But it’s been harder watching the results we’ve had this season –believe me!!!!

We have a very young and unproven squad with players that 2-3 years down the line will be very good. However it’s the here and now that matters and myself Burkey and Parks are well aware we need to strengthen and add experience to the squad. Player recruitment has been hard. There are teams offering way more than we can afford while some players are always holding out for a better deal. It’s highly frustrating.

The season started well with two good performances. Unfortunately this was followed by a disgraceful one at Alvechurch. We then backed up a good performance against Rushall with a little bit of a flat display against Tamworth. Then losing both Jay Bird and Harry Draper has not been ideal. They were our go to players in terms of getting goals. You Hitchin fans know how hard it is to get a striker –you had to endure me for four seasons never getting more than 15 goals!!! Let me assure you we are working hard on getting someone in but the pool of suitable players is small.

So small in fact I received a call from Burkey Friday night asking, firstly, are you in the pub, and secondly, if I could manage a start in the F A Cup the next day? Now the heart straight away says “yes please” then the head, legs and body in general remind me I’m 37 and haven’t played since scoring against Boomer (Josh Mollison) in a Beds Senior Cup match in January. (Easy as that Boomer). I won’t lie and can honestly say I was excited and nervous about it. It was tough going and believe me we all know I’m not the answer. But we won and I did ok. Hopefully I showed a few that it’s not just ability that you need at our level.

Sadly that message hadn’t hit home by Tuesday. It was a display lacking in any positives and for those who did stay behind you may have heard/seen me lose my head properly! I can’t accept that level of performance. Burkey, Parks and myself work hard and the fans pay good money. Yet we served up a pile of horse muck and some players got told in no uncertain terms that it can’t happen and should not happen. Will they listen? Will they take on board what was said? I don’t know. I hope so. We have some good lads in the ranks but some will obviously fall by the wayside.

One thing I will say is we will work hard to make things better. Please stick with us as your support is so important. Bad runs can be turned round. I notice last year Hitchin lost seven consecutive games but then won seven of the next eight. The season is still in its early stages and we are all determined to see an upturn in our fortunes.

Roll on Saturday,