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After a two week suspension (who showed the red card?) Brett is back with his blog. As he says he did write a blog on the events in the Tiverton game but unfortunately we were unable to publish it at the time because of certain disciplinary reasons. I hasten to add he fully apologised to all supporters who were upset at what happened particularly the Hitchin Belles party, and gave a full and frank description of what actually happened. I hope to be able to publish that full blog at a later date as his side of what happened deserves to be heard. Brett is very up front and will always divide opinion but I can say with great certainty that he really does care passionately about Hitchin Town Football Club. This week he reflects on the last three games after briefly revisiting the Tiverton game.

Roy Izzard

Brett’s Blog

You may or may not have realised that the blog has been missing for the last two weeks.

With all the attention focusing on my sending off against Tiverton a couple of weeks ago it was thought best to leave my ramblings out the spot light. I did write the blog after the events to get my side across, so hopefully Roy will put it out for me when the time is right.

I was given some stick on social media about the incident, unfairly I felt. Those questioning my discipline and branding me a mindless thug either weren’t there, don’t know me or have never been in the situation I found myself in. I’m a fairly open bloke so come and find me, buy me a beer and we can have a chat about where you think I went wrong. But don’t question my desire and commitment for the club. I’m 35, I could have hung my boots up or gone down 4 leagues for an easier life a long time ago. I am what I am … if you want to change me I’m sorry but I’m past all that. I was brought up to not back down which isn’t always the right thing to do but you live by the sword and die by the sword.

Anyway enough of that … onto the football. Sadly for us the season is sort of petering out. Kettering were very good against us and were strong throughout their team. We were very poor from back to front with only Toby Syme and Jack Green actually coming out with any sort of credit.

On Monday we bounced back of sorts with a much more determined performance against Slough. We probably could have got a point but when you are at the top things go your way. Lenchy is not having that goal … it was already 3 yards over the line!!

So on Wednesday we had the cup final against Didcot who proved a strong side from a league below pushing for a playoff spot. We needed a win for something to show for the season. It was a great start and a good goal for Connor. After that it was terrible. But who cares as we won and got our hands on the trophy. Some supporters still weren’t happy. Long time fan Moony moaned at me after the game that the 2006 win was better. Moony we won…. stop living in the past! That team didn’t achieve half of what we have in the last 3 years. I told him that with a few more expletives!! I love him really… miserable old goat!!!

Personally for me it is always nice to get another medal. I’ve been lucky over my career to pick up trophies most of the way through it. I don’t care if it’s the Hinchingbrooke Cup, the Beds Charity or a league winners medal. Winning breeds winning habits. Hopefully our young lads will want to win something again. I know I do!!!

Hope to see a few of you over the next 3 home games– any questions and I’ll have a Fosters and you can ask me what you like!

Be lucky