The Cheese & Cider Festival will be taking place this weekend at the Canary Club @ Top Field. We are delighted to share the list of all the exciting ciders from near and far that you will be able to sample on the weekend. The list includes an extensive selection from award-winning local producer Apple Cottage, as well as ciders from as far as Wales, Cornwall and Devon!

Full PDF list of ciders

(Please note there may be one or two late changes to the list following delivery.)

Thanks to all the local companies who have sponsored cider boxes, your support of this event is greatly appreciated.

The Festival kicks off from noon to 11pm on Saturday 14th in the Canary Club, and restarts from noon to 9pm on Sunday 15th.

Tickets are £4, including a souvenir non-returnable festival glass.

See you at the Canary Club. Cheers!