The trustees of the Cow Commoners Trust met last week and came to the decision that because of the Covid-19 situation they would like to waive the rent which was due on 29 September. Incredibly this is the third consecutive quarter that the trustees have waived the football club rent and club officials were quick to praise the trustees for their generosity and their understanding of the difficulties the club have faced since the pandemic struck.

Treasurer Roy Izzard said the following:

I am very grateful to the trustees for allowing us a third consecutive rent free quarter. This really does have a significant impact on the club’s cash flow at the most opportune moment when our normal income streams have been so hard hit. It is reassuring to know that the trustees have taken regard of the difficulties that have faced the club since March and have made such a positive response.

Managing director Andy Melvin echoed Roy’s reaction:

I would like to thank chairman Peter Cranfield and his fellow trustees for their continued support for Hitchin Town Football Club. To be offered a third successive rent free quarter is an amazing gesture and it will make a big difference to our finances. It is so pleasing that our relationship with the Cow Commoners Trust is now so positive and that we are actively working together.

Furthermore the trustees have expressed their delight at the success of the Crowdfunder appeal calling it ”great news for the club”.