Dan Webb has been awarded a well deserved testimonial to mark his ten year service to Hitchin Town. The game will be against Arsenal Under 18’s on Saturday 22nd July kick-off 3.00pm.

I took the opportunity to speak to Dan to find out what he has been up to since retiring and how he is feeling about his testimonial game.

Dan had been asked who he would like to play in his big game and he wanted Arsenal as the team he supports. He was realistic enough to know we would not get the first team but even the Under 18’s is a big attraction. Dan was very keen to express his grateful thanks to Arsenal for sending a side to play in his testimonial game.

I asked Dan how he felt at the beginning of the season after he retired. He thought it would be hard but in fact that was not the case. He thought it would feel strange but in reality he did not miss his usual routine. He had had an extended summer break and was then very busy at work and had a one year old child to look after. Dan felt this all proved he had made the right decision to retire.

But as winter approached he did begin to get itchy feet. He played some games in the Beds League. It was a low standard but he was playing with his mates so it was more social and he enjoyed the dressing room banter. He was still very much looking out for the Hitchin Town results and kept in touch with what was going on through our website and through the ex-players Whatsapp group. Dan chose to stay away from Top Field in his first season as he felt it would not be right to be too close to the players but he does intend to come to some games this season.

Looking back on his time at Hitchin Dan has no regrets in staying for his whole career. He never pushed for a move and he was keen to say that he feels players are very well treated at Hitchin. He has spoken to players at other clubs who had a very different tale to tell with wages not always paid on time and did not feel as well looked after as they would have wanted. Dan feels Hitchin is a well run club and really enjoyed his career at Top Field.

Dan had some interesting observations on how things changed at Top Field through his career. When he joined he noticed we had an ageing fan base with few younger supporters and only a small number of diehards attended away games. He politely said the ground was rather tired and in need of renovation. But in his last couple of seasons Dan really noticed and welcomed the improvements that were made to Top Field while maintaining the character of the ground. He considers Top Field a special ground and players enjoy playing there. Dan also noticed how the diversity of our supporters had changed with a much younger age profile and more family groups and females attending with more supporters attending away games..

Looking ahead to the testimonial game Dan said he will have mixed emotions. He will be very proud and will have lots of family in attendance but he will also be nervous. Facing a young and no doubt very quick Arsenal side Dan said that he hopes he is surrounded by ‘’some young whipper-snappers’’ to do his running for him. He is really looking forward to experiencing the match day experience for one final time and hearing the words of wisdom from messrs. Burke and Parker! One thing Dan is really looking forward to is tasting that first beer in the Canary Club after the game.

Dan will be working on his fitness levels over the next two weeks and it will be great to see him for one hast time in the famous yellow Hitchin shirt.

Dan was a great clubman and an excellent ambassador for Hitchin and he really deserves to be rewarded with a bumper attendance at the Arsenal game. Please spread the word and encourage family and friends to come to the game. Please also look out for further announcements regarding Dan’s testimonial.

Roy Izzard

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