Roy had a conversation with me last week, general run of the mill stuff. Asking how this lockdown has been etc… our conversation lasted less than 5 minutes. At the end he asked if I would bring the blog out as the website was running short of things to throw out. Firstly times must be really bad if my words can help and secondly what have I got to write about! Anyway, I agreed so here I am sat at my desk thinking of something remotely entertaining to put out.

For the Hitchin fans out there, I can give you a behind the scenes look into what we’ve been up to since this newest lockdown begun. Its all very hush hush so keep it to yourselves. Basically the government stopped us all mid-December and since then its been pretty hectic. Everything is done through the WhatsApp group chat, so leading up to Christmas the players were asked to keep their fitness levels up. Basic running, weights that sort of thing. We wished each other a happy Christmas, then a happy new year later in the week. Then Boris chucked us all in to proper imprisonment at the turn of the year. So that’s when we really stepped up our game. I think Burks has spoken to the lads twice and I have a spoken to a few of them. Not all of them. The group chat has gone dead apart from when Del boy decides to give the Spurs fans some stick. And that’s it… What can we do? We don’t have any information or indication of what’s going on with our lives let alone with the football. Zoom meetings and guff like that don’t cut it. We are all in limbo. Its been so long since we’ve seen each other I reckon even JD will be raring to go again… or not!

So my views on what should happen probably differ from the club’s stance. But as most of you know now, if I have an opinion I will share it. The fact we have played 8 league games means for me, as annoying as it is, the league season has to be voided again. If we can arrange some friendly tournaments in April/May lets do that. It would be great for local football. Players at Stotfold, Arlesey, Baldock want to play at Top Field. They want the shop window. Also playing against our club would be great for those clubs to have our fanbase visit to fill the coffers. We are lucky locally. Those clubs mentioned as well as the Biggleswade teams, Langford, Bedford and Royston should be able to put something together. You like me need the football fix again. Retiring was hard enough, but to not have any football at all is really tough. I’ve had a routine for 22 years. My wife may get used to having me about all the time and I can’t have that!

Just to pick up on that point about my routine and the issues surrounding not having that routine in place really need to be looked into further. I’m not a mental health advocate by any stretch of the imagination. I am also very lucky that I have a family, a large garden and green space all around me. I have also continued to work throughout the whole situation so I am one of the lucky ones. But for those who cant work, whose lives are about being able to get to football and enjoy a pint and to watch a game with friends as a release. What about those? For those of you who read my tweets will understand my take on the whole COVID-19 fiasco. I won’t bore you with my take on it. I moan about it all every day. But as I have this platform why not use it to open people’s eyes to those not as lucky. We need the restrictions lifting. We need to get some level of normality back. If you don’t feel safe enough to come to football, don’t come. But let those of us desperate to get back enjoying the game do that. We can’t safeguard everyone, it’s just not possible. Social distancing, masks, bubbles, washing your hands and all that.. its crazy if the vulnerable are vaccinated.

We’ve all seen it on TV, the pretence of doing things correctly to stay safe. I watched the England Rugby team social distance during the anthems, then spend 80 minutes crashing into the Scots. My final point on this is that I know my opinion may upset some, some may disagree, some may even agree but it’s just my opinion. I don’t want people to not be safe, but I would like a level of sensible thinking on the matter. Winter is coming to an end, millions are having the vaccine so let’s be positive. Hopefully we will get an idea of where we are going in the next week or so, because I am desperate for live football and a few beers. I thought retiring meant I could enjoy life without thinking I had a road trip to Weymouth the next day so I had better not have a skinful!

Before I go I’ll give you a quick run down of the squad. LB is still awful at football. Browny is still smiling even though West Brom are terrible. Kidda (Callum Stead) still hasn’t started school (if you’ve never spoken to him you won’t get that), the Marsh brothers have regressed to such a level they are top and tailing back at their mums to comfort each other. Dave Webb has finally realised why I have always gone to football as far away from my kids as possible and Charlie is still a fine specimen of a man.

Finally, as I’ve probably bored you enough, Roy mentioned about me getting fit again. He was right, and I have been running and my times have dropped to levels I couldn’t believe. Am I really that quick, fit?? Surely next season isn’t out the question? I will only be 39… then Sam the physio messaged me:

“Donners you had better not be thinking about playing again, I haven’t the time to strap you up to send you out as well as worrying about the other 15 players.”

Point taken Samantha, you evil witch! The boots will remain for Sundays only.

Anyway it was nice to catch up and see you soon. Stay safe.