Easter is fast approaching and what better time to announce our first initiative for junior supporters, families and our community…

Hitchin Town FC are pleased to announce the new Canary Rock Garden, a special community project that is open to all.

The idea developed from a chance finding of a HTFC themed stone, which was found in the pitch perimeter by one of our volunteers, during the on-going maintenance work. From there, it didn’t take long for the idea to come to life!

So this Easter, rather than painting an egg, why not find a rock or stone and create something special to share with our wonderful town? Whether you want to create a canary-themed stone, or leave a message for somebody special, the Canary Rock Garden is there to showcase creativity and community spirit.

The rock garden will also run throughout the season, every season, so there is plenty of opportunity to be creative!

Several members of the HTFC volunteer team have spent the last few days designing their own stones and we hope this will be just the start of a fantastic community project located at Top Field. We’ve tried our best but we are sure your designs will be a lot more creative than ours!


We are also pleased to announce that The Canary Rock Garden is just a small part of a wider project for our junior supporters and their families – further exciting details to be announced in due course!

We have created a designated area for you to leave your stone/rock(s) and they will be collected and added to the garden at the earliest convenience. However, we do of course encourage everybody to stay at home and stay safe, so please do not make a specific trip to Top Field for this project. Adhering to government regulations is really important and keeping everybody safe is our priority so please help us to do this.

We look forward to seeing all of your wonderful designs!

*Did you design the snowman stone? Or do you know who did? We would love to locate the creator so please reach out to us if you have any information.