Friendly 2023-24

Langford RoadLangford Rd, Biggleswade SG18 9JT, UK

Biggleswade Town
Hitchin Town
2 - 0
Final Score


The penultimate pre-season game, set at Langford Road against our Bedfordshire neighbours, The Waders, who hope to make strides to regain their Premier Division status, and have assembled a fairly strong squad for the task.

Hitchin, after their splendid victory over a subdued Watford Academy, were , presumably going to field a development side since the club has its first serious game of the season on Saturday at home to Royston Town in the Hertfordshire Charity Cup.

Indeed, the team contained a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar names, some featuring in the recent development game at Kempston Rovers. Unfortunately I was unable to receive details of the home team or of the match officials, but if it is of interest the referee was a dead ringer for Tin-tin.

Both teams elected for their away colours, with Hitchin in purple and white and the hosts in a pale orange and black. The Waders had a sustained opening attack but could not thread a telling final ball, but they kept possession well, until Hitchin’s John Freeman essayed a long range lob, with the home keeper back pedalling and he was glad the ball bounced wide.

Biggleswade’s first corner provided a goal chance that went for a goal kick and the next effort was ruled offside. The Waders were looking sharp so far, but a weak header put paid to their next corner. Hitchin needed some time on the ball to settle, which was looking to be somewhat difficult.

A difficult challenge resulted in a free kick for Biggleswade and two players needing the magic sponge. The free kick resulted in another corner, put behind for a goal kick. Their next shot took a deflection for yet another corner and the Hitchin defence coped. Henry Silver had a headed effort defended, but more goal efforts were needed to gain some respite and still the corners kept coming for the Waders, two in quick succession. The keeper David Archer made a fine save at the expense of, yes another corner, which was cleared.

What, another corner? Yes, indeed, and Archer held it. Then the home keeper wears cautioned for handling outside his area, conceding a nice free kick for the Canaries. That was fired off-target and back came Biggleswade with another flank effort with a misdirected final pass. At the risk of repetition, another home corner was signalled and the resultant header hit the post and Archer got away with a bit of a fumble. Henry Silver managed a shot on target that was well held. Half and hour had gone and despite their dominance, the hosts had yet to find the net despite their many threats from good moves and all those blessed corners. Their next shot drew but a routine save.

A Hitchin free-kick produced a negligible response. Hitchin had a shot from Freddie Moriarty that was always going wide, as was another speculative lob, with the keeper having strayed from his optimum position. Then not her corner provided another threat, bringing a firm header that cleared the bar.

Then came the rarity of a Hitchin corner at forty minutes, beaten away almost indignantly. The interval beckoned but not before another unsuccessful foray by the Canaries who had coped well, as much as with their presumed unfamiliarity with one another.

Play resumed for the second period, Hitchin brought on Keryan Cole and Derek Luzinda as the first substitutes. The hosts’ first attack was ruled offside. Their next effort went wide, as did a long range effort. Then Jeremiah Luwero missed an absolute sitter with a free shot. Luwero’s chance looked good but the ball strayed wide.

Then came the overdue goal scored by J J Lacey after about fifty-six minutes. It was a fine and simple finish. Pressure continued with another corner, short and ineffective. An excellent chance fell to Hitchin but the goalie anticipated it with skill.

A Biggleswade header was strong, was saved, but was offside. Their next effort was deflected and favoured Archer. A Hitchin corner sallied forth and almost brought a successful strike. A Canaries’ free-kick brought a corner and an error from Archer right at the other end saw Jack Brooks double the score at seventy-five minutes. James Campbell came on as the final Hitchin substitute with only minutes to go and it looked increasingly likely that these impressive development boys would score, but they had competed well against what was the home first choices, presumably.

Hitchin then hit the post and the follow-up was woeful. Good defending at the other end conceded a corner, with an errant header going apologetically behind for a goal kick. That was the end of a fairly entertaining game, with the better team winning, but they had to work hard for their goals and the second was something of a gift nevertheless.

Attention is now turned to the first really competitive game of the season, which is the visit of Royston Town in the Hertfordshire Charity Cup on Saturday.

David Archer, Marley Stein, Ola Okeowu, Quqe Sanchez, Arran Jennings, Malaki Black, captain, Jeremiah Luwero, Charlie Miller, Freddie Moriarty, John Freeman, Henry Silver.
Substitutes used- Kerryan Cole, Derek Luzinda, Franklin Ojumbo and James Campbell.

No details of opposition or match officials, apologies for that.

Attendance not announced.

Report by Pipeman.


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