Stourbridge 0 Hitchin Town 4


Southern League 2021-22

War Memorial Athletic GroundThe Pavilion, High St, Stourbridge DY8 4HN, UK

Hitchin Town
0 - 4
Final Score


‘Allo, ‘allo, listen very carefully, I will say this only once -a magnificent Hitchin shattered the Glassboys away, kept a clean sheet, although they stay bottom on goal difference this was a giant leap forward. It is the best win of the season and the first away from home.

We had received news that our former player, Jacob Hutchinson, now back on loan from Colchester United, obligingly scored a first half hat-trick, and substitute Josh Coldicott-Stevens added a spectacular fourth late in the second half. It was a remarkable performance by any standards, but it must be said that it seemed to be an inauspicious beginning.

On heavy, rain laden pitch, it was the hosts who began the more threatening, they forced a second minute corner and Dan Gyasi looked a distinct threat on the right. There was a shot from Gibson that brought another corner and a header hit the post. We had been warned.

But a cunning goal kick from Horlock away from the massed players sent the ball forward towards Stead and thus to Hutchinson who sent the ball beyond Price for the opening goal. It had taken just seven minutes and was from Hitchin’s first attack.

It seemed that home supporters saw this as a blip as they had already hit the post and had enjoyed most of the possession. Hitchin defending was sure-footed but Mark Burke’s volatile language was exhorting his players to the full. A free-kick wide on the right for the Glassboys brought a corner, held well by Horlock.

Another free-kick for the hosts, taken by Vaughan was defended by Webb, but the hosts came again from the right, with Cawley getting in the way.

A snap forward move from Hitchin gave Hutchinson a half chance but Price tidied up. Gyasi, still a threat won a corner and I wondered how long Hitchin could withstand the pressure. Even so, a long ball out of defence meant that a Stourbridge defended had to intervene as Hutchinson was sniffing out a second goal.

A long throw from Jack Green was aimed at the ubiquitous Barker whose work rate today was a exemplary. A long ball from Alex Brown found Stead who netted but the off-side flag ruled that one out. Brown replicated the move, but it was defended. Direct attempts from the Glassboys were now far less frequent and Hitchin were encroaching further into their territory, and the long passes were working well.

I was thinking that a second Hitchin goal was more or less necessary, given the fragility they have shown in holding on to a lead. A Stourbridge corner saw a free header from Joseph Hull whose effort cleared the bar. Hitchin built from midfield and in the twenty-fourth minute that wished for second goal was granted and once more it was Hutchinson, with an elegant finish.

The last time Hitchin had a two goal lead was at Lowestoft and we all know what happened there. Stourbridge responded quickly with an inaccurate effort from Gibson. A Stourbridge free-kick was well defended but Vaughan managed a cross that Horlock monitored excellently.

Stead was playing well, and much wider than usual, which I believe he prefers. Each home move seemed to be defended thoroughly and fairly and they looked purposeful moving forward. effort on goal was negligible but Hutchinson was not nearly as profligate as by the thirty-fifth minute he scored again and Hitchin were an incredible three goals up, and Hutchinson thus completed his hat-trick.

Gleeson had begun a move and it was Green’s cross that fell opportunely for Hutchinson whose finish was as emphatic as his first two. What a way to mark your second debut. A home supporter next to me inquired if I was feeling unwell as I seemed insensible to the moment. I assured him I was in robust health but just unused to seeing such a startling score line in favour of Hitchin.

Willock was replaced by Hickman and in the course of the game both sides used all permitted substitutes. Hitchin were now very comfortable but wisely refused to relax. Indeed a forward ball to Hutchinson looked like his and his team’s fourth was imminent but this, the easiest of his chances was somehow spurned. A free kick from Brown was straight at Price and Hitchin were finishing the half dominating the possession.

Taking this lead to the interval, there were many comments on Jacob’s cream crackers on his return to Hitchin, and I suppose I understand the one our two comments that were indeed very cautious. Long way to go and all that. Many felt that Kinoshi might be replaced as he had been experiencing difficulty in establishing his presence. This did happen and Black was the replacement. Much later Cawley and Stead were replaced by Josh Coldicott-Stevens and Delsin Akom, they had done their work and would presumably be needed for Tuesday at Rushall.

It was expected that the hosts would make a go of it and indeed they did, but what it mostly showed was how well they were contained. In deadlier matches the Hitchin defence could indeed buckle under its own vulnerability, but not today and praise is due for a solid and unified performance. What was odd was that Horlock was not called upon to make one direct save, and although there were one or two nervous moments in defence it was an impeccable display, as it was in midfield, with everything ball contested for the whole of the half.

There was only one caution in the game and that was for a two-handed shove from a frustrated Gyasi. Hutchinson began the second period with a half chance, and the hosts, elaborately at times, constructed reasonable moves that were repeatedly broken down.

Black’s move along the flank sent a fine pass to Stead who was prevented from doing any damage and from a corner Cawley’s effort cleared the bar. Jones had created something but his pass to Cawley to keep it going was wayward.

Stourbridge were able to spread play well, but there was a lack of a meaningful finish and greater urgency was needed as time wore on.There was a comical moment when a Stourbridge back pass was over hit and had the goalkeeper scrambling to prevent an embarrassment.

Barker ran in possession, played it to Stead who tried the return but it was intercepted. Gibson’s half chance was thwarted and a free kick for Stourbridge went to the right but as cross was prevented. Hitchin continued to snap at the heels of their opponents.

Stead, from the half way line played back to Jones whose long ball to Barker was headed clear. Gyasi was still trying to create on the left and being thwarted he committed his two handed shove. He was later substituted by Moran.

Stead and Black combined, but the move was neatly broken down. The more it remained like this the more it favoured Hitchin, who had comfortably prevented the concession of an early goal that might well have made a difference. The outstanding Barker was drawing praise from Hitchin supporters and it was much deserved. But it must be said that his indefatigable attitude was shared by his colleagues.

Hutchinson was still lurking with intent but did not receive as many chances as he had in the first half. A Gleeson corner had possibilities, as the attack was continued after a partial clearance. Midway through the half there was perhaps an indication of just playing the game our but there was a acting in the tail yet to come.

JCS had emerged as a substitute, Alice band and all, and he was eager to be involved since it has been a game or three since he made a start. Ads it happened he scored the final goal and it was a cracker. Before this we saw a few possibilities for the hosts who tried to harass the Hitchin defence but without entire conviction. The Glassboys were beginning to blow. O’Hanlon and Moran had their moments but it was simply not enough as Hitchin continually cleared their lines. I was concerned that a clean sheet should be kept.

The goal from Coldicott-Stevens was worth waiting for as it had a touch of audacity about it and capitalised on the keeper’s poor positioning. But what a strike from some range it was, and that was after some time in possession and after a good turn. The goal was timed at eighty-seven minutes. I think we will win this one was my private understatement. Good lord, how long we gave waited for a win, an emphatic win and by some memorable goals. It all came together today and we salute the team for a fine performance against a team that had beaten the Canaries 3-0 at Top Field earlier in the season.

We travel with heightened confidence to Rushall on Tuesday, to contest on another artificial pitch. Meanwhile we can celebrate a sound win today with the team in harmony and with Jacob Hutchinson marking his return with a hat-trick.


Charlie Price, Lee Vaughan, Captain, Jack Wilson, Joseph Hull, Marshall Willock, (Jak Hickman), Reece King, Montez Gibson, James McQuilkin, Dan Gyasi, cautioned, (Ethan Moran), Darryl Knights, (Melis Bushaj), Ben O’Hanlon. Substitutes not used – Kayleden Brown and Demico Burton.


Charlie Horlock, Jack Green, Alex Brown, Stephen Gleeson, Dan Webb, Captain, Ciaren Jones, Callum Stead, (Delsin Akom), Lewis Barker, Jacob Hutchinson, man of the match – HAT TRICK, 7, 24 AND 35 MINUTES, Stephen Cawley ( Josh Coldicott-Stevens, GOAL, 87 MINUTES, Jordan Kinoshi,( Malaki Black). Substitutes not used – Lawrie Marsh and Matthew Moloney.

REFEREE – Mr Ashley Clarke, assisted by Mr Kieran Forrest and Mr Nicholas Gray.




Competition Season
Southern League 2021-22