Mark Burke let me know that John Woodward (Woody) had sadly lost his battle with cancer early last Sunday morning. Whilst he has been battling against the disease for some while now, never the less this news is devastating to those who knew and played with John, Mark amongst them.

When, last season we had a player reunion at the Barwell Game, Woody was in attendance with many of his peers including the likes of Steve Mahony, Steve Fountain and Tony Luff to name but a few and it was obvious then that he was not a well man. That said he soldiered on and doubtless promised to be there for the next get together that Founts was attempting to put together.

Woody was one of a number of Luton Town apprentices that arrived at Top Field in 1981, making his debut on Valentine’s Day of that year at Leytonstone & Ilford. In total he chalked up 166 appearances, scoring a solitary goal on his last ever match against Croydon in 1986.

My recollections are of a diminutive full back who liked to get forward at every opportunity and always punched above his weight (which wasn’t difficult given he only weighed the same as half a Tony Luff).

Another sad loss to the Club.

RIP Woody.