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Online Ticket Sales

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Just to say a thank you to all those who bought tickets online last season and those who have already bought or renewed Season tickets for Season 2019-20.

Naturally we wish to encourage more people to buy their tickets online in the future, you are really helping the club by doing so. This was so evident when we hosted the Solihull Moors FA Cup game.

Kate Deller, who made the original contact with Kaizen Ticketing Systems who manage our ticketing and merchandising operations online, has given an interview about our online ticketing experiences from last season and how much we feel they have benefited the progress of the Club towards becoming a professional, modern day operation when the need to run as a business is becoming increasingly evident.

It is a period of change to set ourselves up to operate the best we can in the present day, but also a time where we wish to encourage more and new volunteers to work for the future.

If you wish to listen to what Kate had to say about our experiences and our aspirations for the future, please follow this link: ... -the-pitch

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