1929 Supporters' AGM

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1929 Supporters' AGM

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How Hitchin Football Has Been Helped

It was reported at the annual meeting of Hitchin Town Football Supporters' Club, at the Angel Vaults, on Wednesday, that during the ten months of the Club's existence it had raised £120 for the Town Football Club, rendered invaluable assistance to the Football Club in supplying members to act as officials at home football matches, and arranged transport facilities for supporters who wished to see away matches.
Mr Stanley Lee presided, supported by Messrs E. E. Welch (treasurer) and J. W. Petley (temporary secretary) and a large gathering of football enthusiasts, including one lady.
Owing to the resignation of Mr C. E. Brown, the secretary, an account of the Club's activities was given by Mr Lee, who said their first effort, the Christmas competition, was excellently run, and well supported by the tradesmen of the town, who gave over sixty prizes. The townspeople also supported remarkably well, tickets to the value of £83. 14s. being sold. The money prizes amounted to £10 and other expenses were £6. 14s. 3d. leaving a profit of £66. 19s. 9d. The concert associated with the effort was also a great success. The sale of tickets brought in £6. 15s. 6d., £8. 1s. was taken at the door, programmes to the value of £1. 2s. 6d. were sold, and Mr J. Garratt made a donation of 10s., the total receipts being £16. 9s. The total expenses were £12. 6s. 7d., leaving a profit balance of £4. 2s. 5d.
A Derby competition resulted in a profit of £61. 4s. 8.5d, and a dance, which was not arranged with the idea of making a great amount of money, but of increasing intererest in the organisation, realised a profit of £3. 6s. 3d. The last concert, although a distinct social success, only realised £1. 1s. 8d.
The general financial statement showed members' subscriptions £6. 11s. 6d., and the total proceeds of efforts £136. 14s. 9.5d. The expenses amounted to £9. 14s. 4.5d, and two donations of £60 each had been given to Hitchin Town F.C., leaving a balance in hand of £13. 11s. 11d.
This, said Mr Lee, had been only part of their activities, the members having rendered appreciable service to the Town Club in many and various ways at the matches. They arranged transport facilities for supporters wishing to witness away matches, but it had not been possible to arrange a motor-coach to all matches, because it was difficult to get a guaranteed number of passengers, and they could not take upon themselves the risk of a heavy loss. They appreciated the assistance that had been given to them by the members of the Town Club committee, whom the supporters had given a bitter pill to swallow in beating them at football, thus winning the 'Knobby Trophy', and he heard that the F. C. committee had already started training for next season's match, but he did not think they would take the trophy away from the Supporters' Club. (laughter)
A letter from Mr John H. Walker, financial secretary of Hitchin Town F. C., thanking the Supporters' Club for their wonderful donations and invaluable assistance, was read by the chairman.
Proposing a vote of thanks to the retiring officers, Mr Walker said they were deserving of the highest praise for having raised the sum of £120 in a small town the size of Hitchin in so short a time as ten months. Mr Dennis seconded, and Mr H. King, supporting, thanked particularly those who had helped him in the running of his ball competition.
Officers for the ensuing year were elected as follows:-
Chairman, Mr Stanley Lee; secretary, Mr J. Petley; treasurer, Mr E. Welch; committee, Messrs Fred Abbiss, Arthur Brooker, C. P. Whitby, Geo. Dobbs, G. E. Arnott, L. Gilbert Shrive, Tom Purvis, Stafford, Jack Fairweather, Fred Lake, J. Stapleton, Geo. Sharpe, S. Stapleton, Jack Garratt, F. Valentine, Cyril Freeman, Bert Sayer, W. West, Cyril King, and Vic Newman.
Rule 9, allowing a member, expelled from the Club for misconducting himself at a match, or any gathering of the Club, to appeal against his expulsion, was deleted.
Rule 10 was altered so that twenty, not ten, members must sign a letter asking the secretary to call a general meeting.
Rule 14 was altered so that in future seven days notice of amendment of rules must be given to the secretary.
Mr Lee thanked all present for their attendance, and hoped they would all renew their membership and continue to give the committee whole-hearted support during the coming season.
On the proposition of Mr W. Mann, Mr Lee was accorded a hearty vote of thanks for conducting the meeting.
Beds and Herts Pictorial Tuesday 3rd September 1929

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Re: 1929 Supporters' AGM

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Very interesting.

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