AFC Dunstable 2 Daventry 2

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AFC Dunstable 2 Daventry 2

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Saturday 7th December 2019
On what would have been by father's 98th birthday, I went off to Creasey Park To watch what turned out to be a crazy match; AFC finished the match with 8 players, having had three sent off by a fussy referee. It all started well for AFC, scoring first through Taylor Rhiney on 9 minutes, but then had a defender sent off and conceded twice before the interval. After about an hour AFC striker BJ Christie was sent off for an offence which it appears only the referee noticed. The nine men miraculously scored an equaliser through the mercurial Josh Crawley, and held on for the draw despite losing another player, Christian Tavernier, for two yellows. The attendance of 68 included about half a dozen from Daventry, who spent the match repeating parrot fashion the moans from their bench. The Daventry manager was very upset that his players went flat in the second half; not pushing home their numerical advantage as AFC dug in.