Penalty Stats

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Penalty Stats

Post by RST » Sat Oct 12, 2019 11:30 pm

With Burkey quoted earlier in the week as saying we had missed 6 out of 7 penalties (also stated in Pipeman's match report) and the interviewer on the post game interview with Brett and Dan saying it was 8 out of 10, perhaps we can decide on the correct number - I'm pretty sure we've missed 5 out of 8 now!

Draper v Rushall - Scored
Dowie @ Wisbech - Scored (keeper fumbled it in, but no woodwork involved, so I believe that's Jay's goal)
Dowie @ Banbury - Saved
Bickerstaff @ Banbury - Saved
Eadie v Rushden - Scored
Cawley v Stratford - Saved (rebound scored, but still a penalty fail)
Cawley @ Maidstone - Saved
Walster v Bromsgrove - Missed

Hoping there won't be any need to revisit this thread as future penalties will be safely dispatched (he says hopefully)!