The Hitchin Town players were quick to apologise to supporters after the humiliating 8-1 defeat at Needham Market but after a team meeting at Thursday’s training session decided to go one step further. Recognising the sacrifice supporters made to go to Needham Market only to witness the poor performance the players have decided to offer a goodwill payment of £10 to all those who travelled to the game. It was a unanimous decision of the players to show their appreciation to the supporters who they feel they let down. This is a an unprecedented gesture and has never happened before.

Club captain Dan Webb explained the reasons behind their generous offer:

As you can imagine it was a quiet and long journey home on Tuesday so the players all had plenty of time to reflect. We got together after training on Thursday and decided that the least we could do was to contribute to the ever loyal fans’ travel costs and thank them for their previous, current and future support.

Those who attended the Needham Market game should go to the club office at the Redditch game next Saturday to receive their £10.

Roy Izzard