Our supporters who come regularly visit Top Field will have heard the two young tannoy announcers we have been lucky enough to have the last two seasons, since Archie Summerhayes left Hitchin for University.

Finn and Rowan Scourfield, both Hitchin Town FC Youth players, playing for the Harriers and Lions respectively, are lifelong supporters of Hitchin Town FC and have really taken the responsibility of announcing in a way that belies their years.

We asked the Scourfield Family to put together something that would introduce them to you formally and thank them for all of their efforts. We look forward to hearing them for many more seasons:

The Q&A…

What was the first Hitchin game you remember going to?
R: Dad took me to a game when I was about 6-7. We played Chippenham and I think we lost!
F: When I was about 6, we went to a game which we won 2-0. I can’t remember who we were playing!

What is your most memorable moment watching Hitchin?
Both: A game in 2014, where we joined in the march through town before the game, in protest at the plans to move the ground. We played Poole and won 1-0 with a last minute winner and celebrated with the players in the corner.

Who is your favourite player that you have seen play for Hitchin?
R: John Frendo
F: Michael Johnson

Who is your favourite current Hitchin player?
F: Dan Webb
R: Charlie Horlock

Which team do you support?
R/F: Hitchin Town of course, and the mighty Liverpool

What do you enjoy most about doing the Tannoy for Hitchin Town?
R: Choosing the music to play
F: Watching the games and seeing behind the scenes

What do you do when you are not tannyoing?
R: I enjoy playing music, am a songwriter, playing guitar, drums and singing (check out my music on Spotify and YouTube channels). I also play for Hitchin Town Youth Lions.
F: I also enjoy music, playing keyboard, guitar and singing. I also play for Hitchin Town Youth Harriers.

Well done lads, we really appreciate the volunteering time that you afford us. It’s a joy to have you on board.