I am very happy to report that Steve Kimberley, the joint manager of our social club, has continued his recovery this week. Last week I explained how he literally cheated death after being told by doctors there was nothing more they could do for him in hospital after he was struck down by Coronavirus.

On speaking to him on Thursday he immediately sounded so much better than last week. He told me that he had made a great deal of improvement and had even walked round his garden. He still feels tired and is weaker than he would like but doctors from the Lister Hospital who have been phoning Steve have been really encouraged by his recovery and no longer feel the need to ring him on a daily basis.

He has to go back to Lister for a chest x-ray in May but this is mainly due to the pneumonia he also caught. It does seem the Coronavirus symptoms have now gone. Steve has found his appetite has now come back but still finds sleeping on his back uncomfortable and needs to lay on his side when possible to avoid breathlessness.

Steve remains in isolation until Sunday. He particularly wanted to thank everyone who had sent him goodwill messages and he was so grateful for this support at a time when he felt so poorly.