Supporters Trust

Aims and Objectives of Hitchin Town Supporters Trust

The aim of Hitchin Town Supporters Trust is to provide additional funding to support the wages of the playing staff of Hitchin Town Football Club.

Hitchin Town Supporters Trust shall act as an independent association, not directly affiliated to Hitchin Town Football Club or responsible to Hitchin Town Football Club financially, in policy or otherwise.

A brief History of the Trust

During May 2005 with Hitchin Town Football Club only able to offer the then manager a meagre budget to use towards players wages, a low-key appeal was made to the supporters of the club for help.

That help arrived with the formation of Hitchin Town Supporters Trust. Supporters were invited to pledge their support to the trust with a guarantee that all monies donated would be used to offer the manager an additional players weekly wage budget on top of the budget offered to him by the club.

The response from the supporters was amazing and our appeals since then have been a tremendous success.

2019-20 Season Appeal

Once again Hitchin Town Supporters Trust is raising money to provide the manager with an additional weekly wage budget on top of the budget offered to him by the club.

Supporters can donate via one-off cash donations, quarterly cash instalments or weekly / monthly standing orders. Standing orders over 12 months / 52 weeks will commence in May whilst standing orders over 10 months / 40 weeks will commence in July.
As per the last fourteen seasons the Management Team will hold regular forums with trust members during the 2019/20 season.

The amount of any donation will remain private between the donor and the trust committee.

There is no ‘pledge by’ date (in fact we hope to continue to get pledges throughout the summer and next season) but we are hoping to give the manager an initial weekly figure by 31st May 2019 so he can start shopping for players.

If you would like to offer a financial pledge and become a member of the Hitchin Town Supporters Trust for the coming season, please contact me via the email address below.

Rupert Russell, Secretary.

Last Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Hitchin Town Supporters Trust was held on Wednesday 15th May 2019, with the committee being re-elected:

Trust Committee

Chairman: David Tudball
Secretary: Rupert Russell
Treasurer: Ian Murrell
Committee Member without Portfolio: Peter Else


Secretary: Rupert Russell – Email Rupert

How to join

Please download the following Trust Pledge Form Word document, fill it in and email it to Rupert Russell.

Alternatively, cut and paste the section below into an email and send it to Rupert.

Hitchin Town Supporters Trust Financial Pledge form

Hitchin Town Supporters Trust – Player’s Wage Appeal

I am willing to pledge financial support as follows to assist the club’s playing budget for the season 2019/20.

Please complete the relevant section:
£ a week for 52 weeks from May 2019 – April 2020
£ a month for 12 months from May 2019 – April 2020
£ a week for 40 weeks from July 2019 – April 2020
£ a month for 10 months from July 2019 – April 2020
4 payments of £___. Total £___. Each payment collected every 10 weeks
A single payment of £____ on _______________20__


Address (inc. postcode)

Phone Number:

E-mail address:

Please email completed form to: Rupert Russell

Thank You