Here is the next instalment from 1928:

Meeting on 13 August
It was agreed to purchase two goalkeeping jerseys (one blue and one red) and three footballs. Tenders for the conveyance of the Spartan League team to away games had been received as follows–Bailey Hawkins £46.25, Maidments £48.93, J Cann £48.88. It was agreed to accept the Bailey Hawkins tender.

It was agreed the team selection committee be composed of 8 committee members and the team manager. It was agreed practice matches be held on Friday 17 August and Wednesday 22 August kick off 6.30pm. Dressing rooms for both matches would be the Bedford Arms public house in Bedford Road.

Meeting on 18 August
It was agreed to accept the price of £420 from Messrs Bigg and Remington to build a stand and dressing rooms. Work on the foundations would start in three days and would take four to six weeks to complete. It was agreed to play a practice match on Tuesday 21 August with dressing rooms at the Cricketers public house. This was to replace the practice game earlier arranged for Wednesday 22 August.

A new set of nets was to be purchased from T. Brooker and Sons. C Waylett was appointed trainer of the Spartan League team and J Newbury was appointed trainer of the Beds League team while Mr Dennis and Mr Grimes were appointed linesmen for the first league games on 25 August. It was agreed application be made for a policeman to be on duty for the first league game.

Meeting on 21 August
The teams selected for the Spartan League game with Waltham Comrades and the Beds and District League game with RAF Henlow were announced. It was agreed team captains be selected each week.

It was agreed that all three gates be used as entrances and Mr T Wooding offered two tables for the gatemen. Seven members of the committee offered their services as gatemen. The committee authorised 500 match cards to be printed for the Waltham Comrades game. A prize of 5 shillings (25p) to be offered for a lucky number with the visiting captain to be asked to draw this at half time.

Hitchin Rangers FC had offered to buy our old nets and a price of 10 shillings (50p) was agreed. The question of residents of Lancaster Avenue residents having gates opening on to the field was raised and it was agreed they be written to stating that the club were willing for the same to remain upon their giving a donation of 7/6 (38p) to the club, that they have no right of way and to be subject to our usual admission fees to witness matches.

It was agreed a public urinal be provided and it was a matter of urgency it should be ready for the first match. The two managers were authorised to obtain bags and necessary equipment for the trainers’ use.

It was agreed the press be excluded from future committee meetings. The date was set for the next selection committee meeting.

Meeting on 27 August
It was reported that the match with Waltham Comrades on 25 August produced gate receipts of £27 16/10 (£27.84). Match card receipts were £2 1/8 (£2.08) less 5 shillings (25p) for the winner of the numbered card who donated 1 shilling (5p back to the club. The result was Hitchin 5 goals Waltham Comrades one goal. Our goal scorers were C Davis 3 and W Barker 2.. Capt. Asprey informed the committee that the Waltham Comrades team ”spoke high in praise of the splendid clean game and the sportsmanship displayed by the crowd towards them”.

The Beds League game finished RAF Henlow 9 Hitchin Town nil. A friendly with Civil Service Strollers X1 had been arranged. It was resolved that 12 towels be purchased.

Capt. Asprey reported that the stand had been commenced and mentioned the advisability of providing shower baths. It was agreed that this would be a great asset but owing to the extra cost the time was not opportune in view of the heavy expenses to be met. Mr Impey reported he had been in communication with Theodore Ransom for the use of the Blue Cross dressing rooms as a temporary measure and it was agreed to accept Mr Ransom’s offer to use them.

Mr Wooding announced that he was charging advertisements on the match cards at the following rates–1/6, (8p), 1 shilling (5p), and 9d (4p).

More next week.