As you would have seen in last week’s bulletin one of our joint social club managers Steve Kimberley had been admitted to hospital with Coronavirus symptoms. I said that we hoped and prayed that Steve would make a speedy recovery and I am delighted to say that our prayers have been answered as Steve was released from hospital last Sunday.

I have spoken to Steve and he has given me permission to tell his story because it shows just how horrendous the Coronavirus is and will hopefully bring home just how serious the consequences of Coronavirus really are. But it is also a story that offers hope for anyone who may be unfortunate enough to catch this awful virus.

It started when Steve returned home from Canary Club and felt feverish. He dialled 111 and a Paramedic came out. He was suffering from a sky-high temperature and having trouble breathing and the Paramedic told Steve he had Coronavirus and called an ambulance. Steve spent four hours in an isolation unit at Lister Hospital which was very uncomfortable before he was moved to a Covid-19 ward.

Steve said he was in a lot of pain and he also developed a chest infection and pneumonia. He was on oxygen but not a ventilator. Doctors and nurses were constantly checking on Steve and with it being such a new virus the doctors had differing opinions as to how best to treat him. Because of his multiple complications his scans were ever changing which further complicated matters.

Things reached their lowest ebb last Thursday when Steve was given the worst news possible. He was told by the doctors there was nothing more they could do for him and he had to prepare to face death. Steve told me he felt every emotion possible. His life literally did pass before him as he thought of his family that he would not see again. His family were not allowed to visit him and had only been able to keep in touch by speaking to the nurses by phone as Steve was not strong enough himself. I can only imagine the despair Steve must have had.

But then there was proof that miracles do happen. On the Saturday Steve felt slightly better and when the doctors looked at his blood results they said he had done remarkably well. They told Steve they could not believe how well he had done and even more remarkably said he could go home on Sunday. As you could imagine Steve was very emotional again as he had literally cheated death.

He is now at home and is still very weak and is still very breathless and suffering from tiredness. He is on antibiotics but is slowly improving.

Steve just could not speak highly enough of the Lister Hospital doctors and nurses. He said they were absolutely brilliant and he has no doubts he would have died without them. He just cannot thank them enough and Steve’s story shows just how heroic our NHS staff are.

Steve wanted me to say that if he can beat the Coronavirus hopefully others can take heart from his story and that is a really optimistic message to give to everyone.

I will continue to update everyone on Steve’s recovery.