Medical Emergency

There have been an unusually high number of medical emergencies at Premier League and Football League games this season where supporters have needed treatment and at the recent game with Biggleswade Town at Top Field we had our own emergency. One of our supporters Malcolm Lee fainted and fell directly behind the home dug-out.

Our physio Sam Backhouse approached our management committee member Kate Deller to explain what had happened. Club coach Josh Bickerstaff had already phoned for an ambulance while Kate went to assess how best we could deal with the situation. Davin Miller who is a first responder happened to be at the game and he really did play an invaluable part in our response. He stayed with Malcolm throughout and lay directly on the concrete making sure he held Malcolm’s head still for over two hours. Davin then telephoned the ambulance service to ensure they would be attending as he was worried Malcolm could suffer from hypothermia in the falling temperatures. Extra blankets and thermal blankets were found with other improvisations to ensure Malcolm was comfortable. Sam kept checking on Malcolm and Davin.

Meanwhile Kate looked after the logistics of the situation as she liaised with our volunteers and security staff. Roger Berry went to the car park to await the ambulance and a route was planned for the ambulance to get to the stand. A security staff member was actioned with ensuring that all supporters exiting at half time kept well clear of Malcolm and Davin and that they were not disturbed.

Steve Maxted joined Roger at half time to ensure we could clear a way if and when the ambulance arrived. Colin Hawkins was stationed at the away dug-outs ensuring supporters went round the outside of the stadium to access the Lancaster Road end terracing, while David Tudball was stationed at the exit directly between the dug-outs to ensure clear passage for the ambulance when it arrived and that returning supporters entered via the correct gate.

As the wait for the ambulance went on there was the worry it would arrive when supporters were leaving the stadium. Luckily this was avoided and when the ambulance arrived Malcolm was quickly assessed by the paramedics and he was walked to the ambulance for thorough medical checks before he was released.

I think we should be very proud of how we handled this difficult situation. Initially we had the quick thinking of our physio Sam Backhouse and coach Josh Bickerstaff. Then first responder Davin Miller definitely went above and beyond the call of duty. Our volunteers Roger Berry, Steve Maxted, Colin Hawkins and Dave Tudball were brilliant and sacrificed watching the game to do their duties while Kate Deller proved again how valuable she is to our club. Staff from Moulton Security also rose to the occasion.

Overall there was a calmness and professionalism displayed throughout the whole situation and our supporters also behaved impeccably. As I have said earlier I am really proud of how our volunteers stepped up and we are indeed privileged to have such a great ‘’family’’ of helpers.

I am pleased to report that Malcolm has been invited to our next home game as our guest as has Davin. I will end by reproducing Malcolm’s email to me which he has given me permission to share—-

Good evening

I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to the staff on duty at the game against Biggleswade for their assistance following my fainting and subsequent fall down the open terrace.

Everyone was calm and composed whilst we waited 2 hours for the ambulance and in near freezing conditions.

Thankfully after being given the onceover by the paramedics my injuries were relatively minor and so no need for a visit to the hospital

Many thanks again

Malcolm Lee

So thankfully a happy ending to a very serious situation.