My tribute to our fantastic sponsors continues with some words on Hitchin’s very own broadband supplier IDNet, a company that we have entrusted with providing online services for our Club.

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When you think of internet suppliers, the natural assumption is that they are a relatively recent addition to the local business landscape. So it’s surprising to learn that HTFC sponsors IDNet were established in 1996. Set up by Hitchin based brothers Simon and Tim Davies, IDNet’s core ethos is to provide fast and reliable internet connections for businesses.
“We were definitely one of the first specialist providers to focus on the ‘quality’ end of the UK market” says Tim.

“We’ve seen technology hype, the latest fads, trends and competitors come and go, but by sticking to a simple formula of great customer service, stable connectivity and fast speeds we have been able to flourish. And at our heart we are a business ISP. But over the last decade, and very much accelerated during the pandemic, more people are working from home or running small enterprises from a spare room, so the lines between domestic use and business use have become blurred. I’d say that most of our home-based customers are professional users where connectivity really matters.”

IDNet were the first telecommunications firm in the UK to become a B Corp. This is a hard earned badge demonstrating their commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.

“It’s important for us to give something back, so we like to support community projects and local initiatives” comments Tim. “Through our association with the football club we’ve helped with fundraising efforts such as the Cider and Cheese festival, and brewing the commemorative ‘1871 Hop Field’ FA Cup Ale. We provide all the Wi-Fi around Top Field, plus we’re also supporting the HTFC radio team with mobile broadband so they can broadcast from away matches.”
Tim concludes “…And one of our ‘corporate hospitality’ highlights every year is when we are HTFC match sponsors. Who needs a box at Wembley when you can sit next to Mick Docking and sup a pint!”

I would like to think that the relationship that we have built with them over the last five or six years is unique – indeed there cannot be many Football Clubs that have collaborated with one of their sponsors and a local brewer to create our own draught beer from scratch? Great fun and great company throughout I hope that this association continues to develop and will carry on for many years to come. My thanks extend to Tim, Simon, Andy and Flo for all the help and support that they have provided, not forgetting their patronage of the Club Bar and our Cheese and Cider Festivals.